Fincas for Wedding in Mallorca

Discover the best fincas for a Dream Wedding
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Churches to get married in Mallorca

If you have decided to marry through this rite, I congratulate you because, although it may seem difficult to organize all the paperwork involved, it is simple and will fill your union with great solid and spiritual value.
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Licenses for fincas to celebrate weddings and events in Mallorca

With so many changes that we are experiencing and so fast, we forgot to tell you about the interview that “Cinc dies” program of the local television of Mallorca, IB3 Television, gave us.
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How to organize a Wedding on the beach?

Organizing a beach wedding may seem very complex and with many issues to resolve, but the result is tremendously idyllic and sensational!
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Wedding Planner in Mallorca

While you dream and enter a fantastic bubble of illusions, your wedding planner will take care of absolutely everything!
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How to organize a Wedding in Mallorca step by step?

Endless doubts and questions to be clarified, that in Ritual Mallorca we will try to help you clarify to organize and celebrate your wedding in Mallorca.
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Locations for your Wedding in Mallorca

We live on the beautiful island of Mallorca, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes us great connoisseurs of its most charming, special and unique places.
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